Waiting for The Durga

A documentary photography project of Maruf Rosul on the Durga Puja, one of the most vibrant festivals of Bengal. Preparation of Durga puja in Bangladesh is mainly focused in this album. Clay artist Bolai Paul and his team’s journey during the Durga festival is reflected here. All the images are strictly subjected to copyright according to the copyright Act 2000 of Bangladesh.

Unveiling The Mystery of Bhutan

Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas between China and India, the small Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan opened itself to the outside world only in 1960s. Hitherto, it had been largely mysterious even to its neighbors but abandoning its self-imposed policy of isolation had it grappling to find a precarious balance between modernization and the preservation of its culture and traditions. On August, 2019 Maruf Rosul along with his friend made a fabulous tour in Bhutan. Beauty and simplicity if Bhutan is the main focus of this album.  

Language of Lens

Art is nothing but a political weapon to Maruf Rosul. His 13 years experience as a freelance photographer, Maruf considers his Lens as a third eye to see and to show. This album contains some selected photographs which are not great or anything like that but each of them has a story, a story which is probably untold- even in the related photograph too.