Family- In My Point of View

What is family? It may be a question- to which I always bow down and find the answer. Sometimes it becomes a painful question that makes me disturbed in all the period. I have annoyed at myself and find myself as a great fool who has nothing to do, in fact, thus as a result, he asks such stupid questions. But feelings are different ever and anon. My thought-cells are wiggling and trying to understand ‘what is family’. Now I am coming down to this realization that human beings are encompassed with various questions- some are meaningful and some are not, but all are important as making questions is a good habit- said by the prominent. So I have to make a meeting with my subconscious mind and try to convince ‘him’ to feel apart from the basic, try to be close to the center, and be patient while ‘he’ cannot make a logical-philosophical and fact point localized ground to answer the question. Yes, finally I can control him and ‘he’ started to think.

Family, from the very basic concept, is a disposition for meaningful living. Yes, I said- you need a family for a meaningful living. Now it is important to describe the meaning of the ‘meaningful’. A human being is all through alone. Life is nothing but just a photographic plate- both sides of which are dark and the middle becomes vivid with various photographs. This is life- the true synonym of loneliness and silence. Everybody can deny this definition but no one can avoid it. Thus all of us have a lot of alternatives of the family but some can be live without family. During childhood, we live with our parents, growing on and find everything teeming with the family. In our youth live, we are strongly supported by the family according to our ability and after some years we have to create another family by another relation, though we agree with the statement that, we cannot fulfill the ‘reaction of affection’ in our previous family, or the base family. A young man or woman enters a new family and their previous one consists of their mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, and so on is becoming fade and fade. In a certain time, the previous one will vanish while the newly formed family is like the sun of the summer. Hence if we try to establish the family as an institution, it will become a failed institution and all our concepts will destroy as nothing is absolute theoretically and everything is a mark of loneliness practically. No, I am not pessimistic, but I want to be the sea-mew, who does make the friendship with the sea-monster only to realize him and his queer harum-scarum job.

So in my view family is essential but maybe it has alternate. The all key factors of the family can be replaced by others, and if it cannot be proved theoretically, practically it is the cryptic beauty. The customs and the formalities of the family sometimes destroy the self-values of the human being, it creates abnormal problems (problems are normal sometimes!) for the self-dignity, family is reputed to some as a trespass. Thus we find felo de se who was involved in the family and now they have to retribution for the family.

But till all the negative approaches, family is a basement of living, a cogent concept of relation, where love and affection flourish by the members in manifold tests. But it is not a constant configuration and human concentration varies with the time on this concept. While the concept of the family is sometimes over-flooded by the test of wine and after finishing all the drama on the stage, we will find some people who strongly believe in the concept of the family but in a line, crossing a point, very far from the reality.

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